Chhabra Group brings to you the first-ever Customer Benefits Program that rewards customers for both shopping and choosing C21 Malhar as their shopping destination. This program benefits the customers with its diverse features ensuring the ultimate mall experience. The C21 Club App provides customers with spectacular features and utilities that facilitate their entire shopping experience before they step into the mall!

Point Table

Value Purchase Point at Every 100 Rs Value of Purchase % of Purchase
Platinum 5,00,000 5 25,000 5%
Gold 1,00,000 4 4,000 4%
Silver 50,000 3 1,500 3%
Bronze 10,000 2 200 2%

Features & Benefits

Customers get regular updates about the loyalty program from scratch through various networking channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, Engage App, Social Media, Mailers, Web, etc.
The App helps customers acquire, track and redeem points on every purchase at the brand store in the mall. The points can be redeemed using distinct vouchers provided by the brand stores. To redeem points, scan your purchase bill using the app or Loyalty Desks in the mall. The simple process of Scan-Earn-Burn makes point redemption easy and convenient for customers.
The App tracks the points status of customers. At each level of acquiring a specific number of points, you receive exciting gift vouchers to be redeemed at your ease. This unique feature rewards customers additionally for being rewarded!
Customers receive updates about the latest offers with step-by-step details and. The app allows you to browse through store-specific offers and plan your next shopping trip easily!
Find stores easily. No more running around the malls searching the stores. The App helps to locate stores effortlessly.
Customers can track all their activities from referring an app to a friend to voucher redemption. Tracking the shopping and point journey is easier than ever with the C21Malhar Club App.
The Calendar notifies and reminds you about the latest upcoming events. From talent searches to celebrity meets to product launches to parties, the app event calendar helps you to be a part of everything on time!
A Badge for every activity! The app provides ‘feel-good badges’ after every successful activity encouraging customer engagement.
The App helps customers decide the brands they are going to visit and what they’re going to shop for. The app ensures to provide complete updates without missing out on anything.

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